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About this project

The Humanist Association of Ottawa (HAO) and other secular groups internationally have recently been contacted by an atheist blogger living under a theocratic Islamic government. His/her writings have offended Islamic groups, who are now seeking the blogger in order to turn them over to the government. They are seeking to have the blogger prosecuted for apostasy (the act of leaving a religion). Simply no longer believing the teachings of a religion is a thought crime which carries the death penalty in several Islamic countries, including the one in question here.

Identifying details including the individual's name and nationality are not posted on this site out of concerns over their physical security. You can read an article by the IHEU about this project here.

The HAO is collaborating with CFI-Ottawa and other atheist groups to raise the required funds needed to sponsor the blogger's application to seek asylum in Canada. Nobody should have to face death for a thought crime.

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Project Impact

This project seeks to fund an asylum-seeker's application to resettle in Canada as a refugee. The duties of a Canadian refugee sponsor include covering the costs of living for the one year term of the sponsorship, connecting him/her with language training and helping in the employment search to resettle successfully in Canada. Once safely established in Canada, the blogger will be free to exercise the right to freedom of expression in peace and to share their story and their ideas.

Use of project funds
All funds raised will be used only for the refugee sponsorship to cover the cost of living, flight to Canada, and medical expenses among the other expenses for which the sponsoring organization will be liable. The sponsor must provide direct income support and housing for one year upon arrival in Canada. 

If for any reason we are not able to successfully bring this person to Canada, all funds will be donated to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and to the Syrian conflict relief efforts of Doctors Without Borders.

Support this initiative
Your donation will help make sure that our effort to bring a persecuted blogger to safety is a success.

If you would prefer to send a donation by cheque, please make the cheque out to the Humanist Association of Ottawa and indicate refugee sponsorship in the memo area. Cheques can be delivered in person or mailed to


PO Box 8733 STN T CSC
Ottawa ON K1G 3J1