Cosmology, Astrophysics and Astronomy

Lawrence Krauss talks about the origins of the universe, and how it is so much more awesome and beautiful than the explanations you will find in religious circles.

Cosmology is the study of the nature of the universe we live in. Unfortuneately (maybe), this field of science can be so complicated that most people haven't kept up, and have little or no idea what has been discovered in it within the last 100 years.

For brevity, we have included both the fields of astronomy and astrophysics here under this one topic, but together these three fields of science are telling us more about our world than almost any other field of science.

Many people tend to believe that humanity is at the center of the universe and it's purpose. Without even debating the idea that even talking about the purpose of the universe is silly, nothing could be further from the truth that has been discovered. This is one of the most embarassing failures of the big montheistic religions which tell you that it's really all about us, and the faith we hold.

We inhabit a tiny planet, in a tiny solar system (of which there are hundreds of billions), of a mediocre galaxy (in which there are hundreds of billions), in a gigantic universe. The enormity of what nature is telling us is far beyond anything any holy book claims to be the case.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

If you are interested in astronomy and cosmology, there is a wonderful group in the Ottawa area that is dedicated to talks on these topics as well as hosting regular observing nights.

RASC Ottawa